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With experience in the Real Estate Industry, Unity Glass understand what property managers, owners and tenants need from their trade partners. We understand just how busy property managers are and the importance of fast results and quality workmanship.

From broken windows right through to doors, shower screens and even glass pool fences; we have you covered. We can attend and secure the property then provide you with a quote if needed! We will keep you informed during the entire jobs process so that you are never left in the dark.

Does your property owner have land-lord insurance? Great! We can bill the insurance company directly, just provide us with their policy details and we’ll do the rest! Whether it’s day or night, week day or weekend, you can rest assured that we will answer the phone and provide a solution to your problem! Whether you have 5 properties in Brisbane or 100’s of properties around the nation, we have you covered with trades nationwide!

Managing one store or office can be a busy task, let alone if you have offices or stores nationwide! We are here to make sure that any of your glass needs are a simple fix. Whether it is a broken window, door, shopfront or partition; Unity Glass have a solution for you.

Our team are skilled to manage repairs on all your facilities whether it be commercial buildings, shopping centres or individual stores and offices.

Whether you have a dedicated team managing all of your facilities, or if each of your stores/offices take care of things themselves, we will work in with whatever arrangement you may have and provide you with a seamless solution and a transparent process.

If you want glass solutions that you can depend on every day of the year, then contact us today and we will make sure your properties are covered!