Our Technology

Glass Planner is a cloud-based application specifically designed and developed for the glass replacement industry. Developed by the team at Unity Glass, Glass Planner has proven that it works by reducing the turnaround time on job completion and invoicing as well as simplifying the job process for all parties.

With clear and concise automated communication between the user, clients, customers and trades, the system provides a dynamic ability to store and deliver information effectively. By automating communication such as claim notifications, schedule confirmations and completion notifications, it reduces the number of physical touches on a job and ensures all parties are receiving the most up to date information quickly.

By delivering a higher level of communication, our team can focus on creating better customer experiences, delivering awesome customer service and driving down costs.

Our system is fully customisable and is currently set to manage all types of jobs including;

  • Quotes
  • Make Safe
  • Do and Charge
  • B2B (Business to Business)

Beyond the standard job processes of Allocation, Communication and Invoicing etc, Glass Planner also manages all trade compliance i.e. licensing, qualifications, accreditation & insurance. The system can notify the trade and flag their account once certain documents expire (like insurance and licenses) and can also store all the details of our trades for easy reference at all times.

Our Work Provide Portal (currently in trial) allows our clients to log in to Glass Planner directly to log their own jobs and review photos, invoices etc if they prefer this to emails and phone calls.